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Our commitment to Inclusiveness and Novelty is palpable through our services. This is where we meet our customers with the usual and surprise them with our innovations.

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Experience the delight of buying & selling Bitcoin (BTC) and a wide range of crypto assets at Square. There is no need to place a Buy/Sell order and waiting for it to be approved, because users trade directly with us. We offer competitive rates and charge zero commissions. There are no hidden fees involved with buying and selling crypto in Square and your transactions will settle almost instantly.

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In a market where change is the only constant, if any user sees an opportunity to profit from a crypto asset while already holding another, they can convert their current asset with any-other crypto asset without having to make two separate trades. You can make crypto-crypto conversions hassle free in a single step with Square Swap.

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If you want to boost your crypto investment yield and earn additional income, then save your crypto by getting into Square Plus. Crypto savings with Square plus can help you build wealth and let you diversify your investments. Make your funds work for you and let your crypto holdings earn you interest of up to 24% depending on the asset and duration.

Things to come

A New Dawn

In the year 2022:

Trading - We are developing a state-of-the-art spot trading module which is scheduled to be launched, with our second round of developments, by the end of 2022. Subsequent updates will have Margin and Futures trading modules.

Our USP (Unique Selling Point) – We will bring the dawn of a new era in crypto trading with our revolutionary trading module, which will change the way people trade in crypto.

We will target retail investors with this module and planning to attract huge number of new crypto traders to the industry.

In the year 2022:

Gaming – We are developing a new generation immersive game in Metaverse with the combination of Blockchain, Crypto, Smart contracts and NFT technologies. This is going to change the landscape of Blockchain gaming sector.